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10th-11th June 2021

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the Vanquish 2-day Tscm course: SYdney

Michael Chandler: Vanquish Training Academy

“Bug Sweeping is a skill that all close protection officers, bodyguards and residential security teams should have in order to establish and maintain a sterile environment, safe from electronic surveillance” – Michael Chandler, Course Founder.

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Course Overview

Written by Michael Chandler of Vanquish Training Academy, this course was set up to train operatives on an international scale, the art of Bug Sweeping also known as, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM. 

TSCM is a skill set that not all Bodyguards can boast but is a very useful one to have. Most attacks are planned and therefore, a principle is very likely to be monitored in one way or another which is why electronic monitoring or Technical Surveillance, should be something that a modern day bodyguard is able to detect.

All attendees will receive Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, a book written by industry expert Michael Chandler. See our student testimonials below!

About the Instructor

Michael Chandler is a retired bodyguard who now works primarily as a security consultant and training instructor. Having authored numerous courses and publications relating to security and intelligence acquisition, he travels the world teaching existing and aspiring security operatives as well as consulting high-net-worth individuals/ families and corporate clients on personal, residential and corporate security.

Michael Chandler spent many years working in large security teams on high profile events such as film premieres, award ceremonies etc. During this time he was also conducting covert surveillance operations in and around the London area as a trainee. Because of his consistent dedication to the industry and his four years service in The Royal Military Police (TA), he was shortly conducting close protection operations for a range of clients from celebrities to businessmen and sport personalities alike, some of whom had received serious threats from various organisations.

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Course Content
    What you’ll learn:
  • The History of Eavesdropping
  • Bugging Devices
  • Radio Frequencies & Cellular Signals
  • Covert/Hidden Camera Detection
  • Taking Evidence
  • Legislation
  • Report Writing
  • Forensic Awareness
  • Standard Operating Procedures: TSCM
  • Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Mobile Phone Monitoring
  • X-Ray Photography
  • RF Detection
  • Practical Bug Sweeping Lessons

Practical Bug Sweep Lessons

The History of Eavesdropping

Radio Frequencies & Cellular Signals

Types of Bugging Devices

Student Testimonials

Sydney, October 2019

David Mandrake

“I have been a Private Investigator for over 25 years.. I found this to be an excellent course on bug sweeping.. It is put in a way where almost anyone in the security industry can understand” – David Mandrake.

James Milligan

“I am a former Police Detective Sergeant and I run a private investigations firm in Perth.. the course was very interesting and very comprehensive.. it enables me to provide my clients with a credible service”.

AJ Chamoun

“What I liked most was that our instructor had a lot of real experience on the subject.. whenever he presented something he was able to tie it into a real experience he had in the field” – AJ Chamoun.

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If you allow your secrets to be revealed to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. Khalil Gibran


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Over the past year, the FBI has identified a 53% increase in economic espionage cases worldwide


Only 9% of households in the UK have security cameras within their home


One in three Australians in committed relationships have admitted to spying on their partner using hidden electronics