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Corporate & Commercial Services

Corporate & Commercial bug sweeps conducted in target areas including but not limited to:


  • Offices
  • Business Meetings
  • Industrial Factories
  • Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • Retail Change Rooms

Residential & Public Services

Residential & Public bug sweeps conducted in target areas included but not limited to:


  • Homes & Apartments
  • Vehicles
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Rental Properties & Holiday Homes
  • Luxury Sites (Planes and Boats)

The Service

All TSCM bug sweeps are conducted by experienced inspectors using the methodology explained below.

Radio Frequency Detection

Detects and locates sophisticated eavesdropping devices that are transmitting RF signals within the target area (audio, video, data, etc).


Borescope Inspection

Borescope Inspection tools are used to investigate small and restricted spaces such as vehicle engines, roofs and air-conditioning vents.

Non-Linear Junction Detection

The Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) allows for the detection of well-hidden devices that may not be transmitting signals. This includes wireless audio and visual devices that may be awaiting activation, are switched off or have run out of battery.

Phone and Network Wiring Inspection

Counter-surveillance devices within our armory will test telephones and miscellaneous wiring for “hot mics”, hook switch bypass,“infinity” bugs and other transmitting surveillance devices.

Thermal Imaging Analysis

Thermal Imaging cameras are utilized to identify the slightest infrared heat emissions created by active bugs. Thermal Imaging allows for the successful detection of devices hidden among or behind every day items.

Acoustic Leakage Probing

Detects and evaluates areas vulnerable to acoustic leakage (walls and glass separators within homes and offices).


Physical Inspection

No Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweep is complete without a meticulous and thorough physical search of the target area. A physical inspection conducted by an experienced Inspector is an unparalleled part of the counter surveillance objective.

Planning Ahead

Upon completing a TSCM sweep, we will do the following:


  1. Identify potential vulnerabilities to future unwanted surveillance
  2. Advise you how to mitigate this risk through appropriate planning
  3. Place tamper seals on high target items (Landline Phones, Wifi Boxes etc)

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Expectation vs Reality

On a day to day basis, businesses and individuals sustain an ideology of having general security protocols such as CCTV Cameras, Static Security Officers, Personal Body Guards, Alarms and Alarm Monitoring. Professional eavesdroppers are aware of this general, simplistic understanding. Failing to include Technical Surveillance Counter Measures into your current security plan makes you an easy target.

This gap in awareness and defense allows unwanted people an easy gateway into stealing sensitive information, such as trade secrets or personal information. This is done through electronic eavesdropping devices such as hidden cameras, microphones and GPS tracking devices.

These devices are easily accessible, require no training to use and aren’t easily identified by the untrained human eye. In fact, they can be purchased for as little as $5 on popular shopping sites such as Ebay.

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