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Active Counter Measures

Active Counter Measures is Australia’s leading Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) service and training provider. Based in Sydney, we provide TSCM or ‘Bug Sweeping’ services and consultancy in all states and territories within Australia. As a result of our partnership with TSCM International, we have professional outfits in the UK, Canada, UAE (Dubai), New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Monacco, Egypt, Ghana and Hong Kong.

Our professional outfit consists of a combined 20 years of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures experience, servicing clients domestically and abroad.

We are Australia’s only provider for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures training programmes, hosting the 3-day face to face ‘Bug Sweeping’ course, founded by Michael Chandler of Vanquish Training Academy Pty Ltd. In November of 2019, we hosted the first ever public TSCM Training Programme in Australian history. We have since scheduled 3 courses available to the public every year for the foreseeable future.

Our Integrity


Our inspectors carefully implement strict procedures to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients is never compromised. It is our business to keep your privacy safe.

Problem Solvers

With 20 years of combined experience in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and threat management, we are well equipped to navigate through the most complex of cases.

Forward Thinking

Our job is to solve problems, not just search a room and say goodbye. We will walk you through the countersurveillance objective, present and future.

The Technology

Active Counter Measures is equipped with all the sophisticated counter surveillance technology required for a competent ‘Sweep’. There is no ‘one device’ fits all. The tech we use:

  • Spectrum Analysis (Live)
  • Non-Linear Junction Detection
  • Radio-Frequency Detection
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Borescope Inspection


Industry names of these devices include: Signal Hound, Research Electronics International (REI), FLIR, Elvira, Calibre and more. This technology is used to compliment a detailed physical inspection of the target area, assisting in the detection of eavesdropping surveillance devices.


Project Hudson is an intelligence gathering initiative founded by our partners, The Vanquish Group UK, whereby data on new and up-and-coming threats related to electronic eavesdropping is collected and analysed. This is done to increase their professional capabilities on the ground while performing TSCM Inspections. We receive these monthly risk assessment reports directly from the team on Project Hudson, making sure we are always up to date with what’s out there.

The Project Hudson team scan both public and private sources to ascertain; what current electronic eavesdropping methods are most prevalent, if any new devices have surfaced on the public market, advancements in technology, changes in legislation and much more. This intelligence is then categorized and assessed to determine how it is relevant to TSCM operators.


“A listening device was found in a meeting room this week during a routine security check,” NZ Rugby Union CEO Steve Tew said in a statement. “There was an All Blacks team meeting there earlier in the week. If the device was working properly, and we don’t know that for sure, then they would have overhead that,” Tew told reporters outside the hotel on Saturday. “It is completely ludicrous. I just think it’s a ludicrous concept that there are listening devices being placed in team rooms. I don’t know how that could happen,” Pulver said.

Darren Devlyn, The New Daily, Aug 2016.




Business partners were involved in 39% of the data breaches last year (source: DBIR 2022).

200 Cases

Tracking devices and technology hacking were used in more than 200 stalking cases reported to the National Stalking Helpline in 2018.

90 million

In January of 2020, it is predicted that there is almost 90 million of these listening devices in people’s homes in America alone (Rahul Bhargava).

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