About Us

Our Integrity


Our inspectors carefully implement procedures to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients is never compromised. It is our business to keep your privacy safe.

Problem Solvers

When we aren’t working, we are looking into possible new and innovative tactics and devices eavesdroppers may employ against you. In a technological climate, staying two steps ahead is key to protecting your intellectual property and privacy.

Forward Thinking

Our goal is to solve your problem, not just search a room and say goodbye. We will give you tailored advice as how to increase your privacy moving forward.

The Tech

Active Counter Measures is equipped with sophisticated counter surveillance technology. This tech is used to compliment a thorough physical inspection of a target area, assisting in the detection of eavesdropping surveillance devices.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is an industry term denoting the process of conducting counter-surveillance and counterintelligence. The role of a TSCM Inspector is to seek out and detect the presence of technical surveillance devices in order to highlight security weaknesses.

The security weakness created by electronic eavesdropping concern’s both individual and corporate safety and privacy. Counter surveillance services are commonly employed by companies who are actively seeking protection from corporate espionage – taking the initiative to protect trade secrets. In addition, concerned individuals may request an inspection of their home, car and office to ensure their privacy is not compromised.